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5podcasts were initially proposed in August 2010 as a way of sharing the ethos of 5punk with the general public, getting together to have a bit of a natter about games, and to get a bit of free publicity too. We are nothing if not opportunists. After initial reception from the pilot show was successful, Grimmie has been 'elected' show-host, and now records a show over Skype whenever a tangent of 5punkers can be mustered.

You can read the original thread here.


Disclaimer: These podcasts may contain strong language and adult themes, though we try not to make a habit of it.

Episode 0: The Pilot

  • Host: Grimmie
  • Participants: Dog Pants, Mr. Johnson, Roman Totale, Lateralus, Legoshoes
  • Intro/outro: The B52s - Rock Lobster
  • Duration: 1hr 22m
  • Editor: Wiggy

This episode was a test to see if the podcast format would work with 5punkers.

The show opens with participants "first games" being discussed and skips over a few main topics. The episode itself is a little rough and unpolished, and lots of lessons were learned about talking over one another, and not consuming too much alcohol before recording. However, it proved that we could sit together on Skype and talk about games for a lengthy period of time (too long, apparently!) and initial feedback from the forum was good.

Episode 1: The Shorter One

  • Host: Grimmie
  • Participants: HereComesPete, Roman Totale, Legoshoes,
  • Intro/outro: Harry Nilsson - Coconut
  • Duration: 49m
  • Editor: Wiggy

The show opens with "favourite video game villains". It's agreed that the format still works, and that the shorter recording time is better for listening during the day, but could still stand to be shorter. Tangents ahoy.

Episode 2: The Late One

  • Host: Grimmie
  • Participants: Pnut, FatherJack, Chickenz, Roman Totale
  • Intro/outro: Cat Boots - Endless Cave
  • Duration: 44m
  • Editor: Grimmie

The show goes out after Episode 4 due to Wiggy experiencing REAL LIFE. We start proceedings with "favourite video game protagonists". Participants had aimed to talk about things missed from Episode 1, but it turns out we generate more things to talk about during the next episode by accident.

Episode 3: Jockbash Special

  • Host: Grimmie
  • Participants: Legoshoes, Stoat, Dr Kitteny Berk, Tandino
  • Intro/outro: Tommy Seebach Band - Apache
  • Duration: 41m
  • Editor: Tandino

Recorded from Jockbash over Legoshoes' iPhone, and interrupted once by drunken revelry being introduced into the conservatory, Episode 3 certainly lives up to its title as "Special". Everyone sounds like they're sitting around a tiny phone sitting on a chair, because they are. Unfortunately we were all very, very drunk. It turns out we can talk for England, and the show is split in to two parts.

Grimmie attempts to start the show off by discussing "Halloween costumes", but seeing as most of the cast went as as zombies, it doesn't get very far. Silly drunken host.

Episode 4: Christmas Time

Lots of giggles in this one. Recorded on the 25th December, we discuss all things Christmas (and predictably, non-Christmas related tangents). We kick off the show with "favourite childhood Christmas presents". Actually, Grimmie kicks off proceedings by forgetting to press record, and the first ten minutes have to be re-recorded.

Episode 5: Belgium Bash

  • Host: Grimmie
  • Participants: Dr Kitteny Berk, Stoat, HereComesPete, Mr. Johnson
  • Intro/outro: Portal 2 Soundtracks (Halls of science 4, Robot waiting rooms)
  • Duration: 53m
  • Editor: Grimmie

A late submission, considering Belgium Bash happened much earlier in the year, but an effort to submit this one before the next one was recorded was made. We discuss Wiggy's propensity to run people over, Stoat's love of gay-jumping into ditches, indie games, the price of food in Belgium and the Potato Pack.