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Postby Dog Pants » March 26th, 2016, 11:41

It occurred to me last night (after Buzz asked where everyone was) that there's been no announcement that we've moved voice comms to Discord. Which is what we've done. It's not quite as good as TS, but it's free and has other things going for it and is perfectly serviceable.

As well as being there for voice it has a nice chat function which is being well used. So well, in fact, that the discussion forum has gone quiet lately. I'm waiting for a plug-in to integrate it with the board, which unfortunately Discord have deliberately hindered in the interests of security (iframes being bad things), but until then it's worth a look. Spazzing back through the day's conversations is a highlight of my early evenings because they're always batshit.

It's dead easy to set up; there's a web client, an application, and mobile apps. Details are in this thread here
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